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Birding in Central Australia and the Simpson Desert

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Birds Camping Hotel Accomodation

Join us for Birding , Nature and Heritage Experiences

Day Tours suitable for Birding

Our Exclusive Itineraries:

Colours of the Desert

Finke Gorge National Park ~ "Boggy Hole"

Birding at Ross River Resort and the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges
Half Day Tours from Ross River to N'dhala Gorge.
Morning & Afternoon departures available.

Extended Tours

Offer great birding and nature opportunities

Some of these are:

Simpson Desert,Rock & Canyon - 7 Days. This is an accommodated Tour

Simpson Desert Tours - 4, 5,7, 14 Days. Bush camping with usually at least one night accommodated

Birds that have been seen whilst particpating on our Outback 4WD Tours

Ballions Crake ; Pied Cormorants; Darters; Pelicans; Little Black Cormorant; Pacific Black Duck; Pink Eared Ducks; Grey Teal; Eurasian Coot; White faced Heron; Night Heron; Little Egrets; Great Egret; Yellow Billed Spoonbill; Australian Bustard; Inland Dotterel

Black Breasted Buzzard; Whistling Kite; Black Kite; Australian Hobby; Wedge Tailed Eagle; Little Eagle; Brown Falcon; Grey Falcon; Nankeen Kestrel;

Spinifex Pigeon; Crested Pigeon; Diamond Dove;

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo; Little Corella; Major Mitchell; Galah; Cockatiel; Mulga Parrot; Burke's Parrot; Budgerigar; Australian Ringneck

Pallid Cuckoo; Southern Boobook; Barn Owl; Tawny Frogmouth;

White Winged Fairy-wren; Splendid Fairy- wren; Variegated Fairy- wren; Striated Grasswren;
Red Browed Pardelote; Western Gerygone; Inland Thornbills; Banded Whiteface; Southern Whiteface;

Pied Butcher Bird; Grey Butcher Bird; Black Faced Cuckoo-shrike;

Black Faced Woodswallow; Masked Woodswallow
Yellow Throated Miner; Magpie; White-backed Swallow; Richards Pipit;

Singing Honeyeater; Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater; White Plumed Honeyeater; Grey Headed Honeyeater; Grey Fronted Honeyeater; Pied Honeyeater

Crimson Chats; Orange Chats; Gibber Birds; Chiming Wedgebill; Chestnut Quail Thrush; Cinnamon Quail Thrush; Crested Bellbird; Grey Shrike-thrush; Grey Crown Babblers; Rufous Whistler; Willie Wagtail; Magpie Lark; Red Backed Kingfisher; Rainbow Bee-eater

Red Capped Robin; Hooded Robin

Australian Raven;Little Crow; Torresian Crow;

Fairy Martin; Rufous Songlark; Brown Songlark; Clamorous Reed Warbler

Zebra Finches; Mistletoe Bird


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