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Running the French Line - Story

10 Days December 1st - 10th 2007

Five Frogs Hop along French Line in December

After the initial surprise at such an unusual enquiry, myself assisted by Dave Cox, the proprietor of Mt Dare Hotel, met 5 very fit French people in Alice Springs on the 30-11-07.
We completed loading Dave's Ford 250 Trayback and my GXL Toyota. Among other camping gear the Truck had 750 Litres of water and the Toyota 100 Litres. On Saturday 1st Dec we left for Daves' Desert Pub at Mt Dare.
Next morning we arrived at Dalhousie Springs at Piccaniny Dawn, the very focused French group ran away to the East, whilst Dave & I enjoyed breakfast.
The weather was kinder (cooler) than I expected, but often very windy. Serge Girard, the French leader amazed Dave & I with his stamina & resolve. Recently he took 10 months to run from Paris, 19500km to Tokoyo, and aims to be the first person to run around the World. I'm sure he could achieve such ademanding goal.
Serge was very gallant & assisted Jean-Luc from Switzerland, to be the only other runner to fully run/wlk from Dalhousie to Big Red, where they arrived mid day on December 10th 2007.
They had covered about 40kms; Serge would finish about noon, whilst Jean-Luc plodded on, having many problems, often not finishing until 3-4pm. I would drive 5km sections to povide his requirements.
The hottest day was only 44degrees centigrade, not in the mid 50's, as I had expected.
It was my 4th trip into & across the Simpson Desert for 2007, but the ever changing terrain always enraptures me.
My previous trip had been in September, while Dave had been half way across 2 weeks earlier, to rescue 2 German women who had bogged their Troop Carrier.
We were both amazed by the changed dunes, encroaching across the track from the south. We were pleased we were not travelling westwards, as we regularly dropped our vehicles over peaked crests & down vertical walls of sand from 3 to 6 metres high.
We agreed there will be many interesting experiences ahead for Desert Travellers in 2008, after summer winds continue burying the often traversed French Line.
To our past special customers & to future travellers with Ossies Outback 4WD Tours, we look forward to opportunities to retain our unique touring format, to allow all of us to experience this amazing part of Australia.
May 2008 be Healthy & Enjoyable
Harry & Sandy

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